Blake Undying: Suicide is the Worst Way to Find Out You're a Superhero

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Blake Undying #1

Blake has had enough, and is ready to call it quits. Not his relationship or his job -- Blake's ready to check out completely. Buy that farm, kick that bucket.

And it's not that he hasn't tried. He's tried. He's tried a lot. The problem is, he keeps getting back up, no matter method he employs to end his life. Nothing kills him -- even though it still hurts like hell. As the tagline says, "Suicide is the worst way to find out you're a superhero."

BLAKE UNDYING is a Kickstarter book born from the fevered imagination of Jason Cook, and has been more than a few years in the making, originally having been developed as a television show. The plot is definitely a black comedy, with a R-rated sensibility in terms of violence and language; fitting for the subject matter and the approach of the writer.

As frustrated as Blake gets with his stubborn vitality, he does come to begrudgingly see advantages, even as he continues his quest for the one thing that will finally punch his ticket.

It's a clever and funny story, with gritty artwork from Ezequiel Rubio. You can download the entire first issue for free from, and also opt to get the physical version through the Kickstarter that has just launched, which will also come with copies of the second and third issues as well, at a very reasonable price for 28+ page floppies.

You can view our video interview with Jason below, and then hop on over to Kickstarter to reserve your own copies of BLAKE UNDYING.

4.5 / 5.0