Contract Killer, Cautious Cabbie Clash in Collateral (Now on 4K Ultra HD)

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Collateral 4K Blu-ray

The last thing Max wants in his life is excitement. The laid back cabbie enjoys his night shifts, telling himself it's only temporary as he saves up to start his own limo service, a dream he's been telling himself for the past twelve years. The last thing he expects is to be hired out as the driver for a high-profile hit man named Vincent.

Jamie Foxx is excellent as the easy-going Max whose Zen-like pattern is interrupted when a body lands on his windshield, courtesy of his current fare, Vincent (Tom Cruise). Suddenly what seemed like easy money from the generous rider who needed him to make several stops throughout the night has turned into a life-or-death mission, with Vincent calling all the shots -- literally.

Despite Max's situation, however, the two characters find rare moments of bonding, with Max learning a few things about assertiveness and Vincent picking up advice on how to go with the flow of things and improvise.It's not exactly the opposite of a "buddy cop" film, but those moments do give the film more depth than if it were just a prolonged hostage situation with Max perpetually looking to escape (which he does anyway).

With the police tracking them down and Vincent leaving a trail of bodies behind, Max if forced to finally put an end to the terror when he finds out the last name on Vincent's hit list is a woman he knows.

COLLATERAL is a decent mix of action and chill, with both actors being more reserved than they are in some of their better-known roles.It's not the most intense action flick in the genre, but it's a decent way to spend a few hours on the couch with some popcorn and a beer.

3.5 / 5.0