Are you better Suited to Gala Casino’s Table Games or Slot Games?

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Table Games or Slots?

Feeling like you need some gala experience to relax and have fun playing slots and card games? Sign up for an account at Gala Casino. Its name says it all—this is a place to loosen up as you play exciting video slots, jackpots and table games like roulette and poker.

For the best experience, consider specializing in either slots or table games. You can always both types of games. But find out which category suits you better below.

#1: You Like Simple Games—Slots

So, you love to play simple mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Sudoku and Mini Metro? You’ll love slots. These arcade-style games feature a video screen that does most of the work. Your only job is to place a bet and press ‘Play.’

Depending on your bet size, a slot game can take anywhere from a few seconds to five minutes. Then the video screen stops to show you whether you’ve won or lost. With today’s video slots, the chances are much high.

The games feature higher payout rates than the classic slots designed before 2005. What’s more, they have loads of in-game features like bonus rounds and free spins, which ensures you win something even though it’s just free spins.

#2: You Like to Stay in Control—Table Games

When playing slots, RNG software does most of the work. Some people like it that way. If you prefer to play more involving games, however, then you should check out the table section of Gala Casino. Also, read a review of the website at This will help you understand everything about the operator before you create an account.

Gala Casino is one of the biggest gambling brands in the UK. As a result, it offers nearly every table game in the world. The best part: you can play these games against RNG software or with real human players. RNG Software is great when you want to play a game like roulette or blackjack quickly.

But if you want a social experience and are in no rush, try out live casino games. With poker, roulette and even blackjack, you can participate in tournaments featuring hundreds of players. Depending on the number of people involved, you can see and interact with your competitors.

#3: You Dream of Becoming a Millionaire Overnight—Slots

One of the beauties of playing slots is that they can make your wildest dreams come true. Jon Heywood, a British soldier best amplifies this statement. At 26, the Afghanistan veteran was dealing with an ailing father and being broke.

Then one day in 2015, he got onto his favorite casino to play Mega Moolah, a progressive slot that pays out from £10 to millions of pounds. After betting 25p, Heywood hit the game’s jackpot worth £13.2 million, instantly setting a Guinness World Record for the biggest amount of money won at an online slot machine.

Needless to say, Heywood got his sick father the treatment he deserved, bought a Bentley Continental and turned his life around. Heywood aside, over a dozen more people have won over £1 million from online slot, including a new record of €18.9M set in 2018.

#4: You Believe in Luck—Both

Almost all casino games at Gala Casino are based on pure chance. The degree of luck differs, though. For slots, you’re 100% assured the likelihood of winning or losing is based on luck. With table games, the dependance on luck varies from one game to another.

Take Texas Hold’em as an example. You receive random cards from a dealer or a shuffling machine. For this reason, you can be lucky and get a pair of aces. Or you could be unlucky and receive a pair of two-value cards. Without considering all other cards, a pair of aces wins always.

Fortunately, Texas Hold’em isn’t a game of two cards alone. Your opponent could get a pair of aces while you have a pair of two-value cards. But since they don’t know your hand, you could bluff by increasing the stakes and force them to fold (concede). In that case, you would win with a lesser hand.

#5: You Like Skill-based Games—Table Games

There’s a reason why millennials prefer table games to slots. Poker, blackjack and baccarat are the closest things to skill-based games they can find at Gala Casino. Texas Hold’em, in particular, is so reliant on skill that a New York-based court once dismissed a case because it didn’t believe the game should ever have been categorized as a game of luck.

As we mentioned earlier, Texas Hold’em relies on luck to a small extent. But it’s more reliant on skills. That’s why some people win consistently while others lose even when they have better hands. The best poker players in the world win high-level televised tournaments every year, winning millions of dollars in the process.

#6: You Love Social Games—Live Casino

Do you avoid online casinos because you would rather play games with real players? You should check out today’s online casinos. A decade ago, it was fair to stick to land-based casinos because of their social atmosphere.

But in 2021, you don’t need to leave your house to play a few hands of blackjack with a human dealer. Instead, you need to check out the live casino section of Gala Casino and choose your favorite blackjack variant.

The website provides blackjack variants like Royale blackjack, Lounge blackjack and Grand Blackjack. They all follow the same rules of blackjack, except they differ in betting limits and the number of players per session.

#7: You have no Favorites—Both

Specialization is a great thing when trying to win casino games consistently. But if you only visit casinos to have fun, there’s no point of limiting yourself to one type of games. Casinos allow you to play all their games, anyway.

So, test various video slots. Then move over to jackpots, video poker and live casino games depending on what you want to play. The goal is to have fun, so enjoy all types of games as much as possible.