5 of the Best Educational Comics for College Students

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Educational Comics for College Students

One of the most common misconceptions about comics is that this type of book doesn’t have any educational meaning. However, it is important to keep in mind that graphic novels are designed for young readers taking into consideration their personal study needs. Such books cover hard for comprehension topics in an easy way and grab the full reader’s attention. Via storytelling and visualization, students can follow the plot, and find the contextual clues that make the story coherent. In its turn, students develop both creative and analytical skills, so here are 5 simple educational comics that can change the perception of the world.


  1. Once Upon A Singapore...Traders by Tina Sim, Alan Bay

An amazing story about Grandpa and his Aloysius who grew up in the modern digitized globe. When they are marvelously transported to the 1900s, where they met traders who did their best in providing services to the communities. From first sight, it is a simplistic story, but when digging deeper it reflects the gap between different generations, and compares the past and future, and makes students understand how the world changes.


  1. Greek Myths by Marcia Williams

This paperback includes the most fascinating myth stories that are introduced in a comic format that breaks through your recognition of the world. Greek Myths are filled with amazing pictures, color, humor, and fun that hold the reader’s interest and make you learn your lesson and get to the bottom of the power of myth.


  1. The Antibiotic Tales by Sonny Liew & Hsu Li Yang

This educational graphic novel is about medicine and highlights the influence of antibiotics on the human body. It shows all the misconceptions that we meet and reveals the truth supported with the real facts. Cognitive illustrations give the general understanding of how medical supplies work, and how their efficiency will change in the future.


  1. The Not-So Secret Society: Tale of the Gummy by Matthew Daley

The story in the pictures is about five friends who created a candy machine for the school competition, but it lives and goes out of control. The comic shows how brave men find the solution on how to save the whole city from destruction and find the best rapid solutions in difficult situations. This graphic tale reflects the value of perseverance, creativity, and teamwork that are important for individuals that are on the stage of ideology formulation.


  1. The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam by Ann Marie Fleming

It is a graphic novel that is fulfilled with color and mysteries. The story tells about the life of a Chinese person and teaches the ability to read between the lines and see the things that are hidden from our vision. Explorations and questions are fundamentals to successful study at college.

Hence, comics keep youth engaged in learning because digging deeper and finding the hidden sense is about college study in general. Numerous assignments that require your time and attention don’t appear to be a big deal anymore, as there is an amazing solution that will help to figure a way out from a huge college workload. You can ask Edubirdie experts for help with writing an essay for you, and make sure that your paper is in good hands. While professionals are working on the assignment, it is a great idea to enjoy reading comics and learning lessons that can change your mindset and give you a lot of motivation. 

Also, comics encourage college students to explore and research more. After reading, they get the motivation to learn and explore new subjects that are endless. The method of using comics for the study is the new one and turns the new ways of textual analysis and activities. The students start to adapt the information obtained during the reading to real social life. This way, each student is able to obtain a better understanding of complex topics as comics keep the attention and interest of readers and make them involved in the visual discussion.

Comics are not just entertainment, it helps students to develop imagination, analyze the read information, conjure the illustrations up and merge it with the text, and decode the received information. The students get information with simple terms and can follow the ideas that are drawn in their minds and lead them to a logical conclusion. Visual and verbal thinking develop better comprehension within the students and audiences of any age. If you wish to become more versatile, keep in mind that there are any limitations on the subjects explored in comics, so you will find something that can catch your eye.


Author’s bio: Julius Sim is an expert in Psychology with excellent communication and negotiation skills and Head of the Support Team at Edubirdie where he strives to make the customer journey unforgettable. In the free time, he writes for online journals. Also, Julius studies design and wants to create graphic novels.