5 Most Famous Comic Book Love Couples

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Vision and Wanda

Comic books are exciting and addictive. You can’t read just one. Have you ever noticed beautiful love stories in comic books? This article will focus on those. It’s all about love today; the world will be saved tomorrow.

In ordinary life, meeting a like-minded partner and building a connection can be simple, especially online, by following the easy steps described on the blk review. But it's always interesting how fictional characters get involved in relationships. Let's take a look at Top 5 Romantic Couples from Comics.


The Joker & Harley Quinn

We’ll start with a bit of an unusual couple. A crazy man on a mission to destroy Batman manipulates a sexy nurse to fall in love with him while he’s in Arkham. You’re right, we’re talking about the Joker & Harley Quinn.

Their love story isn’t something you’d want (unless you lost your mind) because there is not much love involved at least from the Joker’s side. Yes, they share a couple of romantic moments where the Joker seems like a normal human being with feelings, but that’s not enough. Harley Quinn is crazy about the Joker, but she eventually gets tired of him and his crazy plans to kill that Bat.

The moral of the story:

Don’t chase your goals blindly. You might lose important people in your life if you do.


Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers have a bit of a different love story than the Joker & Harley Quinn. Ramona holds the hook in that relationship, and Scott is a helpless fish waiting to be reeled in. At least when it comes to feelings, he has toward Ramona. He stops being helpless after learning that he has to fight 7 guys Ramona dated before him.

Ramona has a thing for unusual boys because Scott has to face some freaks before securing his spot as Ramona’s boyfriend. Scott threw his cards on the table from the beginning. On the other hand, Ramona didn’t show feelings initially, but as time passed, she realized Scott is the one for her.

The moral of the story:

Sometimes you have to fight for people you love. Your relationship will be tested 100%; how you respond will determine its direction.


Jesse & Tulip

Jesse & Tulip are the main characters of the Preacher. When you combine a hired gun with a person who got the World's power, you get one explosive couple. They used to be together, but life made them drift apart. Then they meet again, but Tulip gets killed. God resurrects her. Then she and Jesse get their revenge and romantically kiss after some good old killing. And you thought your relationship is complicated…

The moral of the story:

Love always wins in the end, but expect troubles on your way. AND...DON’T GET SHOT IN THE HEAD.


Wanda & Vision

If you think androids aren’t capable of love, you’ve never heard about Vision and his relationship with Wanda (Scarlet Witch). You’d expect the relationship between an android with a Mind Stone in his head and one of the most powerful sorceresses in the Marvel universe to be full of excitement. But Wanda & Vision had a peaceful relationship (if you can have one of those while saving the world). Their biggest problem was the fact Vision isn’t human at all. And yea, that she had to kill him and then watch him die again.

The moral of the story:

As long as the two of you love each other, your differences don’t matter. 


Black Panther & Storm

Black Panther & Storm had an ideal relationship. Two powerful, sexy characters who are crazy about each other. What else could you want? Yeah, maybe some crazy king of some sunken island could destroy Wakanda to spice things up?

At the beginning of Avengers vs. the X-men conflict, it felt like Black Panther & Storm are Romeo & Juliet. But instead of drinking venom together, they break up. As time goes by, two former lovers become good friends again, but their relationship will never be the same.

The moral of the story:

Don’t let your friends and family destroy your relationships (unless you’re incapable of seeing things as they are).

Of course, such comic book love stories inspire readers. Saving or destroying the world isn’t everything. Readers want to be inspired by characters. They want to relate to their heroes. That’s why every comic book builds its characters so carefully. Writers know that readers will be inspired by love stories and seek their soulmates with more determination than ever.