Live Dealers in Online Casinos: What You Should Know About Them

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Live Dealers in Online Casinos

The appearance of online casinos has not only changed the world of gambling and entertainment but has also led to the appearance of a new profession related to the activity of web establishments, i.e., an online casino dealer. In its essence, the duties of an online casino dealer can be compared to the duties of a croupier in land-based casinos. However, some of their functions differ because they work online.

For players, the possibility to play their favourite games online with a live dealer is a great possibility to enjoy the process of gameplay, as well as the convenience of online casinos. One just needs to find a top live dealer casino in Canada and choose a game. The emotions and excitement are almost equal to those when gambling in a real casino.

How Does a Day of an Online Dealer Start?

The working day begins with preparation for entering the gambling tables. A dealer puts on a uniform that can consist of different types of clothing depending on the gender. Usually, before the start of the work shift, a 15-minute meeting with all the croupiers is held. They discuss:

  • any possible changes in the rules of games;
  • changes in the workplace;
  • innovations if any.

What Are the Duties of a Live Casino Dealer?

Users select a casino site where they play one of the live dealer games like poker or blackjack, while a live dealer represents this casino and does the following:

  • dealing the cards,
  • spinning the ball on the roulette wheel as per the rules of the gambling house and the game,
  • Good knowledge of all the rules of the casino, which enables a dealer to act correctly in any situation.

An essential part of their role is generally accepted gestures that are used by a dealer to indicate key points at different stages of the game. Dealers need to know how to use sign language to avoid controversial situations. A dealer should:

  • open and close bets;
  • spin the roulette wheel and launch the ball;
  • call the winning number;
  • explain the rules of the game;
  • announce the last drawn numbers;
  • congratulate the winners;
  • communicate with the players answering their questions;
  • help players if they experience difficulties.



Communication with Players

In this respect, everything depends on the preferences of players themselves. Some of them, just like in real land-based casinos, enjoy the process of communication with a dealer. This reminds them about the times when they used to gamble and get to know pleasant people. While others prefer to remain silent so that they can focus on the game. Live dealers behave in the same way as croupiers - respectively to the behavior of players, at the same time, following the rules stated by a casino they are working for.

So, if you have never played live dealer games online, do not hesitate because the experience is almost the same as during playing in a land-based casino. Give it a shot!