Airith Aims for More Immersive Graphic Novel Experience

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Airith Tape 2

A graphic novel, correctly done, engages both sides of the reader's brain by merging the process of reading with that of absorbing and appreciating art. It's the only medium that can do this.

But the creators of AIRITH: THE KENTILAN WAR want to take that a few steps further, and deliver a more immersive experience to the reader by adding tactile, auditory, and even olfactory components. The graphic novel, currently funding its second volume on Indiegogo,  not only delivers an embossed cover but also includes a soundtrack of Fleetwood Mac covers and an air freshener. all with the goal of taking the reader deeper into the cyberpunk / multidimensional environment of the story.

We sat down and interviewed the creator of the series to go a little deeper into this world and find out just how far things might go for the series.