The Tremendous Popularity of Mobile Online Casinos

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Popularity of Mobile Online Casinos

It is worth acknowledging that without mobile technology, the iGaming industry would not have developed as successfully as it did in reality. From the moment the first smartphone appeared 25 years ago, the online sector has gradually shifted its focus to cell phones. Today, more than 40% of all revenues in the online industry come exclusively from mobile gambling. You will learn about the prospects of development and new trends in the world of mobile gambling technology below.

The convenience of mobility

To date, about 3 billion people on Earth own a smartphone.

Remarkably, 7 out of 10 new smartphone users download games to their phones within the first week after purchasing the device.

As soon as smartphones and tablets became an integral part of our daily lives, gambling on the web grew in popularity. The convenience and accessibility attract players - no more visiting a casino or even sitting in front of their computer. Thanks to mobile gambling and applications, players can try their luck whenever they want - while going to work, having lunch or resting. Now you can get a phone casino bonus in a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

There are now many gambling apps for Android and iOS phones, including both free and real-money gambling. Interestingly, just a few years ago, people preferred free games, now there is a noticeable trend to the opposite - to games for real money. No deposit bonus casino India is also available from a smartphone.

The future of mobile gambling

Gambling has now turned to handheld and mobile, and developers of software must make their games more appropriate for mobile phones. Pioneers in iGaming software development, like Microgaming and Playtech, are now releasing quality casino games developed especially for mobile phones.

For mobile games to be enticing, their design needs to be as simple as possible. It's not about bad graphics and oversimplified features; first and only mobile games should have a user-friendly design.

Currently, most mobile games are designed in 2D technology, and shortly they will be upgraded to 3D graphics. According to predictions, 3D graphics will soon become the norm for players on mobile devices. Such innovation will give a truly authentic and realistic online gaming experience with the convenience of a smartphone.

There are already significant changes in the direction of mobile gambling. Leading-edge technology, such as VR and AI that has long been on the horizon for gambling operators, may now change the face of the mobile gambling industry.

Nowadays, any slot or roulette casino game is available from your smartphone.

VR in gambling

Virtual reality is a trend that has begun to grow strongly in the past few years and whose best time is still ahead of it. The introduction of VR headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR have helped bring virtual reality and online gaming closer to the players of the gambling world. However, many roadblocks still exist before this technology enters the iGaming mainstream. It is bound to become one of the most thrilling events in the world of gambling.

The cryptocurrency market in mobile casinos

The rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry is impacting many sectors of the economy, including the gambling industry. The whole world is talking about cryptocurrencies. Many people want to own or trade them, and the iGaming industry is a sector with ideal conditions for the development of the digital currency. Moreover, bitcoins are no longer the only cryptocurrency known in the world. Dash, Ripple, Ethereum and Dogecoin are just some of the rising stars that are following bitcoins.

Already, many online casinos have enlisted cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, as a traditional payment method. This tendency will remain in place in the next few years and, of course, will affect the mobile gambling sector.




Suppose we are looking at mobile applications. In that case, it should be noted at once that they are not inferior to their counterparts in terms of technical characteristics - the interface and functionality of the devices are entirely identical. The only difference that immediately catches the eye is the size of the screen. Apple products, which have been widely distributed, have also received their version of the software Net Entertainment.

The statistics of operators' and bookmakers' revenues from gambling on smartphones show a new round in the development of the gambling industry. The fact that gambling will continue to gain popularity on cell phones is undeniable. Convenience and accessibility, the introduction of advanced technology, and a growing generation of players will contribute to the growth of the record popularity of mobile gambling.