How to Write a Good Movie Review Essay

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Write a Movie Review

Filmmaking is the most popular department of show business. It is the world of colors, fantasy, joy, and magic. It brings a lot of entertainment material for us. We have been watching movies and dramas since our childhood. They show us all kinds of content of our interest like cartoons in childhood, fantasy fairy tales for teenage girls, social dramas, and movies that we watch in our adult age. Movies are important components of our society that describe our culture, tradition, and religion. 

We have different favorite movies that we repeatedly watch and discuss with friends at every step of our lives. Another thing that people do is write reviews about movies. A movie review is different from a thesis review or research p Paper review. Because it changes from them, so it may be a bit difficult too. The beginners seem in trouble when they are assigned to write a movie review. If you are facing trouble writing a review paper, you can get help at

We arrange a list of ten brilliant tips that can turn you from beginner to expert. 

Top ten tips for writing an attractive movie review 

1. Start your review essay with an attractive introduction:

Starting paragraph of any essay has a key value that can influence the entire paper. Start your review with a stunning introduction and add useful data to it. For example, write about the movie title, introduce the director and producer. Write the name of leading roles and releasing date. The thesis is another important piece of information that must be added in the introductory section. A thesis can help to show the link between present issues and the main idea of the film. It can also describe the similar things that you experienced in real life and the movie plot. 

2. Avoid putting your opinions into cold storage:

Most readers focus on the introductory section of the review because of the short time. However, we suggest writing your analysis and opinion in the starting part of your review. Avoid writing your opinion in dark or hidden places like the middle-end or the last part of the review. 

3. Write a summary without breaking suspense: 

Avoid spoiling the suspense of the movie in your review essay. Instead, describe the events occurring in the movie in just 3 to 5 lines without leaking suspense. But if it is the need for review to write something in your summary, then warn the readers first. 

4. Explain the overall experience of watching the movie: 

Writing a summary is required to describe the main theme of the film. When you write a summary, tell the readers about your experience. Do not write the scene as you watch on TV. Share your feelings and emotions that stir up when you see some specific scenes. 

5. Describe the purpose of producing this movie:

Describe the need to produce this film. To describe the purpose, you must know about the genre of film. For example, is it an entertaining movie or a social, political, and religious movie? After revealing the genre, find the central purpose of the film. If it is an entertaining movie, do not go deeper to spoil its purpose.  

6. Write a few details that describe filmmaking:

Avoid giving attention to formal scenes created in the film. Watch the complete movie, not for once. Repeat it to get a better level of understanding. Then extract two or three main elements around which the entire movie revolves. Here are some components that you should describe;

  • Mise-en-scene 
  • Cinematography 
  • Sound
  • Editing 

7. Search for understanding the deep meaning:

A high-level film does not show superficial meanings. It always has essential phrases, repeating components, and symbolic materials. An excellent produced movie always has these components that allow deep understanding.  

8. Give examples:

A review needs a valid example to develop trust in readers. You can’t satisfy the readers by writing that “the actors show great performance” or “the background sound was faulty.” It would be best to put examples of how the acting was great and why the sound was bad. 

9. Write a brief and well-organized conclusion:

After writing all of your collected information about the movie, briefly describe the whole discussion in a well-organized conclusion. Then, you can write recommendations like watch the movie or not, or you can watch it with family or with just friends, etc.  

10. Do editing and proofreading at the end: 

It is necessary to read your review after completing it. Also, ask your friends or teacher to read it and suggest editing if required. It can happen that you did not notice a mistake while reading, but other people do after proofreading and correct the recommended changes and mistakes carefully. Your review essay must be clear of any spelling, grammar, and structural mistakes. 


These 10 points can be helpful for beginners to start writing reviews. The expert takes it lightly but can prove heavy for starters. For example, a professional review about filmmaking describes in 4 words; introduction, analysis, convince, and entertainment.