Void Tyrant Review

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A mobile game done right!


Developed by Quite Fresh, Void Tyrant is a mobile RPG/ card game that is a combination of Black Jack and Yu-Gi-Oh mixed in with an RPG where you battle the odds of fighting monsters and bosses, dodge traps, discover shrines and secrets as well as coming across traveling merchants and space rifts to upgrade your hero along the way. I complained about in-game purchases when it came to Toon Blast and Void Tyrant has in-game purchases as well but this game does in-game purchases the right way where you don't feel like someone is always digging into your wallet.

This game is based on both luck and skills and both perfectly balance one-another out well enough to where each round doesn't feel like it's setup or rigged against you just to force you to buy more continues or items and making it to the end is possible but you need to level up and upgrade your town, skills and hero's almost like a Rogue Lite type game. This game is a perfect example for current and future mobile game developers of how to create a fun game that challenges, keeps them interested and doesn't force a player to keep paying for content that is already in the game.

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