Endless Online Adventures - EP 1

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And it begins...

The Obscured Cartoons and Obscured Gaming team has decided a new series for Endless Online content called EO Adventures. We want to thank the EO community for all the love and support and we hope we can bring in both old and new players to the wonderful and obscured world of Endless Online.

We will be covering more content on Endless Online and welcome all of you to join but before we show you the first episode here is a bit about Endless Online.

Endless Online is a free-to-play 2D MMORPG with cute, old-school anime graphics. The usual character development, monster hunting, trading, and customization are available here. Billed as being "player friendly", Endless Online is completely free to play and encourages the social aspects of its gameplay.

Endless Online and it's community has stood the test of time against hackers, spammers, botters and even it's original creators abandoning it after the oriognial game was hacked and destroyed. Today, Endless Online is still alive by it's loyal commnuity still strying to improve the game through today's clone server which has become the new main server.