Fun Educational Games You Should Play with Your Kids!

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Games can be a subtle way for parents or those who care for children to help build on and develop their skills for later life. It is encouraged to play educational fun games with children from early ages as it can give kids the foundations they will need throughout education.

Most importantly, educational games are fun! Most kids don’t even realize they are learning or developing these important skills as they are playing. A study found that educational games, especially those that stimulate the brain, can 23% gain over traditional learning.

An educational game does not have to be centered around learning subject matter, but rather allows children to use and build on memory, cooperation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The competitiveness aspect of education games allows for children to be much more enthusiastic compared to other methods of learning.

Educational games have many known benefits to your children’s learning process such as:

  • For early learning, helping your young children get to grips with the names of colors and numbers through the medium of games is a fun and entertaining way to keep kids engaged and having fun while learning
  • Entertaining at all ages! As a parent, we know how hard it can be to keep teenagers entertained, but educational games add a sense of competitiveness to an activity that will keep everyone focused and having fun.
  • Games can help encourage children to boost their language skills without them even knowing it!
  • Committing to a game can also help children to sharpen your child’s concentration skills and help them to focus on the desired goal –important today as children's attention span due to the introduction of various forms of technology and social media have arguably become shorter according to a study by the University of Denmark
  • Teaching teamwork values- This may vary depending on the type of game played but regardless of if you are playing an individual board game; it can still have the added benefit of exposing your child to working with people.
  • They can teach children how to practice being a ‘good loser’ or also a ‘gracious winner’
  • It is important to remember also that board games can be a way to relax and soothe kids especially if they are anxious or suffer from learning difficulties.
  • Lastly, board games are fun and can create a medium over which to bond with family, friends, and peers.

Every parent knows the difficulty of trying to entertain their children especially on the likes of school holidays, well… with educational games you can combine recreation time into subconscious learning, become a teacher without the training and help aid your child's learning experience at home.

Educational games can include several different kinds of games from board & card games, problem-solving puzzles, giant ‘outdoor’ versions of all your favorite classic games such as dominoes, Yahtzee, Jenga, or the outdoor yardzee game. No matter the game being played, all educational games will help develop some form of basic skills important to your child’s development.

To achieve a fun ‘board game’ experience that combines the outdoors then is perfect, you can achieve all the educational benefits of a board game without being cooped up in the house.

Different games will exercise different aspects of your child’s brain, maybe your child is good at spelling or memory so therefore you may want to choose a game that will practice your child’s numerical skills, games involving dice can be great for this!

Don’t let an iPad or games console consume all of your kids' time, mix it up with some fun, novelty educational games!