Tormented Souls Review

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Available on PC, PS5 and Xbox

Tormented Souls is a throwback to Horror Classics such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. Boasting gameplay, fixed cameras, and even controls reminiscent of those old school horror classics we know and love, it delivers a taste of nostalgia rarely seen nowadays. While the game in some cases can be a little too on point with older horror titles, it does well in its short span to make players feel that old school sense of terror. From the storyline and voice acting, to the movement and combat, we definitely feel the inspiration, and love what was done. Though we can also say with confidence that on some level, the oldschool styles could be referred to as 'tormenting' for a reason. And no, we don't refer to it as 'the dark souls of old school horror'.

Critical Blast had asked us to review Tormented Souls and so we all sat down and played it and this is what we think.

Wrote review, narrate, game play (PC), directed and edited review.
Game play (PS5), narrate and ideas.
Co-Edit, narrate, thumbnail art, ideas and project supervisor.

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