Space Giraffe

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Tempest On LSD

Space Giraffe is a Tempest like game that increases the difficulty through game play, trippy visuals and sound effects as well as inverting the game play or even making you play the game blindly and relying muscle memory and your hearing. If you think you will quickly get the hang of this game then we wish you the best of luck as this game has a way of taking a skilled Tempest player and making them feel like complete rubbish when it's done with you.

In case you aren't able to figure the game play out then let's go over the basics...

You control the Space Giraffe and your mission is to survive each stage and try to beat your top score and each stage is a web and you are only allowed to move left and right and depending on the shape of the web will depend on where you are able to move as you are constantly shooting so don't worry about pushing a button for shooting as all you need to worry about is dodge attacks, gather power ups, round of enemies on your side of the web and bullring them.

As you progress you will come across new enemies that will provide a new learning curve and bump up the difficulty immediately so expect to die a lot but don't let the game frustrate you as the more you play the better you become and working to that high score is worth it. The music in this game is amazing and really keeps you pumped, sound effects are random and goofy and the game will make you laugh by constantly insulting you after each stage.

If you want to see us play Space Giraffe you can feel free to watch our most recent video for Obscured Gaming.