Top 5 Cartoons Released During the Past 5 Years

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Incredibles 2

As we get older, cartoons remain important to us, making us feel carefree and young. And no matter what you like to watch, classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes or the Simpsons, which also became a classic today, there are plenty of emotions that may arise and create the feeling of nostalgia. There are plenty of reasons why we watch cartoons. Some of us want to revive childhood memories and feel young again. Others prefer being entertained and having fun when watching animated movies.

Anyway, nothing can be better than coming home from work or studies at the end of the day, preparing dinner, and watching your favorite cartoon. The kids may join you if the movie is suitable for their age. Gathering together in the family or with your friends makes these moments even more special. Some young people save a little more time for these special evenings with their loved ones to see animated movies together. Making a request for their assignment, "Can you find me an essay writing company, please?" provides them with more free time and joy in a daily routine.

Five Best Animated Movies for Your Family and Friends

It doesn't matter why you choose cartoons. Most importantly is to find the best cartoon which your family would enjoy. Even if you are alone and have nothing to do at the end of your working day, pick out one of the cartoons to have a perfect escape from stress which we all experience in our adult life. And it doesn't matter how old you are, just sit comfortably on your couch and enjoy the best cartoons released during the last five years. 

1. Zootopia

Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, it became one of the most popular American cartoons, which received positive reviews from critics. You will find everything perfect in this movie, from the screenplay, animation, voice acting, and music. The plot will take you away from reality into the animal world of anthropomorphic mammals, where you would imagine yourself being a different creature peeking into the titular city where the real action is taking place. In the story, predators are disappearing, and the animals try to solve the mystery and uncover this criminal conspiracy. The film is suitable for both kids and adults. It will make your children live through the situation and hardships the animals overcome in the cartoon and feel sorry for them. A wonderful choice for your favorite pastime. 

2. Incredibles 2

Do you feel like watching a cartoon about superheroes? Then, this American computer-animated film is right for you. The first full-length movie was released in 2004. The second story follows the previous one by telling you how the family tries to restore the public's trust in superheroes. You will get a dose of humor when watching this movie. Its plot is very instructive for children to see an example of family relationships. Animation and music do their best to support the story and create a positive effect on the audience. The cartoon is really worth your time. But start watching with the first one, if you haven't done it yet because Incredibles 2 follows the previous film's events. 

3. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

No one will ever get bored of a spider-man. No matter how many times you've seen it, there will always be an interest to rewatch it again. And here comes an animation featuring the Marvel Comics character Miles Morales. Can you imagine other spider-people from parallel universes apart from Miles Morales? And they all follow the same purpose, which is to save New York from the kingpin. This animated movie won several awards and became one of the cartoons to win an Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature. 

4. Ralph Breaks the Internet

Six years after the first film, Walt Disney Animation Studios created another one which became a sequel to the Wreck-It Ralph. It is one of the best works of the year, which is aimed to entertain both the younger audience and adults. "Ralph breaks the Internet" has a very sweet and smart plot. This cartoon is a great addition to Disney's decent sequels. If you are a fan of them, you will definitely enjoy this movie together with your friends and family.

5. Tom and Jerry

This is a movie for the kids and family to enjoy. A simple plot that implies that the mouse is escaping the fanciest hotel where the wedding takes place and Tom is hired by a young woman called Kayla to exterminate Jerry. But the whole point of the movie in its live-action as it's a computer-animated slapstick comedy. You will find the same techniques of producing the screeches, yells, gasps, howls, and screams for Tom and Jerry as in previous original cartoons from 1942. This will give you a feeling of retrieved memory when watching classic elements in a way that looks nostalgic but somehow new.