Meet Ms. Marvelous -- Our October Bombshell of the Month

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Ms. Marvelous -- October 2021 Bombshell of the Month

Every month our staff combs the cosplay community for up-and-coming cosplayers who deserve to have a broader audience for their work, taking into account not only costuming skills and photogenic presence, but also how they use that ability in service to others. Through this, we've not only met some talented cosplayers, but also some fine human beings.

With October being the month when we all get to do some cosplaying (in exchange for treats), we hope that you'll all be showing off who else lives inside of you, as does our selection for this month's cosplay spotlight. So with that, we are very pleased now to introduce you, our readers, to our...


Critical Blast Bombshell, October 2021

Ms. Marvelous

Big Barda (DC Comics)

Photo: @c_birdsongphoto

What is your interest in cosplay?

I just really enjoy it. It is how I prefer to be social and make friends. 

How did you get into cosplay, and what was your first cosplay experience?

I actually started cosplaying when I was attending events where I was fundraising for civil & human rights law groups. I saw that people really enjoyed it. So I decided to keep doing it. 

How has your cosplay evolved since you began?

It’s evolved in the sense that I have learned to exercise more patience. I’ve  done cosplays where, at first, I might not have had all the resources to do it quite the way I wanted to. But having patience has allowed me to go back and perfect certain characters at a later time.

Jean Grey (Marvel Comics)

Photo: @waterwalker_mo

What is your "secret identity" outside of cosplaying?

I'm a makeup artist

What kind of social or charity activities do you get involved in with your cosplay?

To be honest, outside of going to conventions & photo shoots I am super low-key. I like to stay home and chill. I am somebody that likes being alone or just hanging out with my hubby. 

Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

Photo: @c_birdsongphoto

Do you make as much of your own costume as possible or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? 

I make little things here and there, but I like to buy my stuff already made, If it doesn’t fit right, I don’t mind making adjustments or alterations when needed. And no, I don’t think it’s important  whether you make or buy. I think what matters most is that you’re having fun and you’re treating your peers with kindness and respect regardless of either.

What's your favorite cosplay, your "go to" look that you just love to put on and act out?

Jean Grey of the X-Men! Hands-down! She’s my absolute favorite X-man, in all her incarnations.

Where can people go to find you online?

@ms.marvelouscosplay on Instagram.