I Choose You: How to Plan the Perfect Pokémon Themed Wedding

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Planning Pokémon Wedding

Could you imagine anything more romantic than a huge yellow Pikachu standing next to you as you exchange your vows? Imagine saying ‘I do’ as your guests are battling with each other on Pokemon Go. You don't have to imagine too hard if you are a Pokémon fan living in Japan. A Japanese event planning company has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to provide officially licensed Pokemon-themed weddings. But don’t worry, you don't have to go to Japan to have a Pokémon-themed wedding. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create a Pokémon wedding that will make Pallet Town proud.

Wedding Outfits

If the groom has always aspired to be a Pokémon trainer, why not dress up as Ash Ketchum? Not to be outdone, the bride can make a bold statement with a bright yellow Pikachu dress or a sash around her waist that features all her favorite characters. How about getting your guests to participate in the Pokémon theme too? You could ask them to come in a costume or bring a prop. But while it's your big day, you should still want your wedding to be as accessible to everyone as possible. So, take into account your guests' needs. If any of your wedding guests have special requirements related to a disability, consider that when planning your theme. And, don't forget that not everyone is comfortable with dressing up.

Wedding Cake and Menu

Your wedding cake is the perfect way to show your individuality and add a personal touch to a formal ceremony. If you've settled on having a Pokémon theme, you could feature all your favorite Pokémon characters on the cake. You can keep it simple with a cake topper, have each tier iced to resemble one of the character's faces, or do away with a traditional tiered cake and just have one huge cake Pokeball. The possibilities are endless. But whatever you choose, the flavor must be razz berry, of course. The theme doesn't have to end there. Treat your guests to Pokémon-shaped entrees, Pokeball-shaped macaroons, and even Pokémon-themed cocktails.

Don't Forget the Details

Whether or not you decide to make your wedding a full-on Pokémon extravaganza, there are some important details you shouldn't overlook. For instance, you can give your guests a flavor of your theme with the invitations. Base your invitations and wedding stationery around Pokémon collector cards, and no one will be mistaken about what to expect from your big day. There are also more subtle details like Pokeball-shaped belt buckles, Pokémon-themed manicures, or a Pokeball ring box to keep your wedding bands safe until that all-important moment. You could even have themed tables named after the towns in Kanto or based on the different gym types for each city.

If you are a huge Pokémon fan, there's no better way to celebrate your love of all things Pikachu than with a Pokemon-themed wedding. Whether you go full-on with your theme or just include a few subtle touches, it's a perfect way to officially say, 'I Choose You'.