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A scary rougelite card game.

Inscryption is a creepy rogue lite, deck building card game where you are playing a card game with a role playing shadow figure or demon. You're are unraveling a story along while pushing through the game, solving clues and puzzles but your progression will depend on your skills, luck and wit as losing a two round could cost you your life. This is honestly been one of the best purchases we have made in a while and we are in love with this game and can't wait to see what's to come for it and from the developers in the future.

The game does change later on down the road and most reviewers say the first part of the game is the best part but we'll leave that up for you to decide. The game is loaded with a lot of atmophere, charm, mysteries and intense critical thinking where just one move alone can either win you the battle or cost you everything!

Download and play the demo or play the full game for $17.99: Developed by Daniel Mullins Games

If you wish to see more of this game then go download it for yourself or feel free to check out our Let's Play.