How to Find a Trusted Site for Online Play

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Online Play

With so many online gaming sites now available, it can be difficult to find out which ones can be trusted.

Online gaming sites are often the first to be criticized for their lack of security or number of suspicious ads. And if you don't find yourself a trusted brand, you could seriously compromise your online security.

As such, we're sharing this guide on how to find a trusted site so that you can get back to enjoying the game without having to worry.

What does a trusted site look like?

The first way to find a trusted site is to use recommendations and look at reviews. A lot can be learned from, as you'll be able to gauge the views of real players. Always make sure to look at the bad reviews as well as the good, as some brands are known to hire people to write good reviews to boost their ranking.

There are several other things to check when browsing a bingo site, too, to ensure you sign up to a trusted brand:

Funds protection

As you'll likely be depositing cash into your account to play online, you should only use sites that offer quality funds protection. This is so if something goes wrong, you'll be able to get your money back. Of course, most banks offer their own level of protection, but it's always good to make sure whatever site you're using – whether it's for bingo or otherwise –offers protection on all transactions.

Reputable sites will hold your money separately from the one they use for running the site. This means as soon as you want to withdraw or receive a refund, the money should be sat there ready to go. You will be able to find out more about their fund's protection in the terms and conditions.

When looking for protection, there are three levels: basic, medium, and high. Sites with basic protection are often known as 'not protected', as if the business goes under, your money goes with it. However, some of the most popular, trusted sites are not protected, with very little risk of them suddenly going bust. That said, for extra peace of mind, you can opt for a medium or high protection policy where funds are managed and looked after by an independent party or insurance company.

Customer service

Less trustworthy gaming sites will make it difficult to contact them. They'll have limited working hours and few ways to communicate – making it frustrating and difficult for you to solve any issues.

The best sites will offer around-the-clock customer service with a number of ways to get in touch. In addition, live chats, email, and phone support options should help you get answers to your issues no matter what time of day you're playing.


As gaming sites can be accessed from just about anywhere, international gaming licenses are in place to ensure both businesses and their players are safe. Sites that hold at least one or more internationally recognized licenses can be trusted, as it shows they're up to date with the latest rules and regulations. If you find a particular site doesn't show any information about their licensing, it is worth getting in touch before committing to an account. You don't want to put your privacy and money at risk.