DOTA: Dragon's Blood - What You Need to Know

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If you’re interested in anime or MOBA games, this article will provide you with a delicious MOBAnime cocktail. Spoiler-free, of course. The topics are Dota 2 and its related anime series, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. Season 2 is scheduled to start on January 6th on Netflix.

What is Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA game with a passionate community of around 10 million people. It’s also an e-sport with a history that goes back more than a decade. Its tournaments are famous around the world and offer large prize pools, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

The World Championship, better known as The International, tends to break the record each year. In 2021, its prize pool was $40 million. This also holds true for viewership and, naturally, for the number of bettors. More and more people prefer to spice up their event viewing experience by betting on Dota 2 matches on esports betting platforms like Rivalry.

MOBA games, also known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(s), are a fusion of RPG and RTS elements. They provide players with the opportunity to compete on a 2-sided map in a team versus team format. In Dota 2, there are 5 players on each team. At the start of a game, every player gets to pick one hero character, which can be levelled up and empowered with items during the game.

The stronger a hero becomes, the stronger his team becomes and the higher its chances of success. Therefore, the goal of the game is to get stronger at a faster pace than the opposition and then make progress towards its base, destroying buildings and killing heroes.

Dota 2 may not sound addictive. But when you start playing it, you immediately understand why so many people love the game. With so much action going on and such a vibrant community, it’s no wonder that Valve Corporation, the developer of Dota 2, decided to partner with Netflix for an anime series called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

What is DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is an anime series inspired by the lore of Dota 2 and its heroes. In it, you will encounter characters such as Davion, the Dragon Knight, as well as other heroes from the game: Mirana, Invoker, Marci etc.

In Marci’s case, the hero was actually added to the game after it was featured as a character in the anime series. We don’t know if Valve had it planned or if the company simply loved the character so much that it decided to include it in the game as well.

The first season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood had 8 episodes, listed below:

  • What the Thunder Said
  • Princess of Nothing
  • Neverwhere Land
  • The Monster at the End of This Book
  • The Fire Sermon
  • The Knight, Death, and the Devil
  • Speak the Words
  • A Game of Chess

People loved the show, even if they had never played the game itself. The trailer for Season 1 had 2.7 million views on YouTube. The anime’s IMDB rating is 7.9, which is quite high.

Season 2 is less than one week away and you can watch the trailer right here. It is very exciting if you know the game, but it’s captivating even if you don’t. The music, the dialogue, and the editing are all stellar. There’s certainly something epic about the show, which brings back memories of famed anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

The release of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 is well synchronized with the new season of Dota Pro Circuit. The game will have its first Major of the new season soon, so the players will probably delight themselves with some anime episodes before switching to the real story, which takes place in esports arenas around the world.

In Dota 2, the main character of the show, Davion, is a strength-based hero who can transform into a dragon. That is his ultimate ability. The anime makes clever use of his lore to generate a great story with a lot of potential. Book 1 left the audience wanting more and Netflix is ready to deliver. The only thing that everyone hopes is that Season 2 will be just as good as the first. Or, why not, even better. There’s still a lot that hasn’t been clarified in Season 1 and the players are demanding answers.