What You Need to Know About LoL Tier Lists: A Beginner's Guide

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League of Legends Tier Lists

League of Legends, also referred to as LoL, is a team-based game consisting of more than 140 champions that players can use to create some pretty exciting and epic moments. You'll get some kills and also have fun at taking down towers as you work your way to victory.

Essentially, you'll have two teams consisting of five influential champions that will then face off in an attempt to destroy the other team’s base. But even in this fun and excitement, LoL is considered a challenging game to play. However, it's a game that can be enjoyed by amateur and experienced players alike.

LoL Tier Lists

If we had to move LoL up a notch and discuss the subject of LoL tier lists, then here we're referring to the LoL community that contains tier lists to display the competitive streak that each champion has. It also shows you each champion's strength in a specific meta.

Having a look at this tier list doesn't speak of any factual information, though, because the lists are constructed mainly on opinion. However, there are tier lists that use algorithms to determine champions place on the list. For example, this tier list by MOBA Champion is calculated from  millions of matches played by Gold+ ranked players.

How the LoL Tier is Judged

The LoL tier lists are calculated based on the following:

  • Each MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) champion's overall statistics
  • The patch notes made by Riot in acknowledging changes made in the champions
  • How the MOBA champion performs during the low-mid ELO
  • The champion's impact on the game and kit

Within the tier lists, the champions are never ordered. Usually, a character will be placed at the top of the list among all the other characters while unable to match the tiers above the character at the top.

Many may believe that it's fair to place characters within the same tier if they are deserving of such a space and happen to fall under the same tier as the character set at the top.

The patch notes made by Riot are very relevant. Each time any viewer assumes that a patch has made a significant impact on the viability and strength of the champion in that specific LoL meta, it will automatically affect this on the tier list. But it also happens that if the patch notes don't impact a particular champion, then the champion's place on the tier list will remain unchanged. This will remain so unless the champion falls out of the meta from a completely unrelated change to the situation.

It's insightful to know and understand that any list placed on the LoL website is only meant to display the champion's strength during the low to mid ELO. This means that the list will be made based on how the champion's doing in the Solo Q.

Another point to consider is the character's kits, as the champion hosts the ability to win in their respective lanes. When the champion can consistently perform better than any of the other lane oppositions, then this gets considered too.

The last point considered is the champion statistics which are taken from multiple sites that focus their attention on low to mid ELO and then display these statistics on the tier lists.

In Conclusion

Once you can grasp the scope of the tier list, you'll gradually begin to understand that these lists will always require enough insight on accuracy and worth. By doing this, you'll see the lists as serving a purpose to keep you informed on which of the champions are doing well in the LoL meta.