Slutty the Clown Debuts First Feature Film on Troma Now Streaming Service

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Slutty the Clown

Model/photographer Claire Bacon was featured in the Troma Trailer SHE DOGS OF THE SS, giving birth to her cosplay character, Slutty the Clown, who now finally has her own feature-length film premiering this month on the Troma Now streaming service. 

Its hard to tell you what the actual plot of the film is, because quite frankly it does not have one from what I could make out while viewing. It feels like a glorified snuff film at times. We follow Slutty from the opening until the end of the film, laughing her way thru an abandoned building littered with debris, body parts, and Teletubbies, (yes you heard me right... Teletubbies), stalking two very attractive, very scantily clad young females. Slutty exacts various tortures on them, from ripping one of their tongues out to sexual humiliation. This film is not for the casual viewer by any means.

I recently got the chance to chit-chat with Claire, aka Little Miss Death, aka Slutty the Clown, and got to know her and what’s behind the make-up.

Critical Blast: How was the character of Slutty the Clown born?

Claire: I'm a model and photographer originally... But I created the character around five years ago as a cosplay and she gained a life of her own... Then I did a fake trailer for Troma, She Dogs of the SS, and got the opportunity the expand the character into what you see now with director Joe cash, they found her thru my work in she dogs and wanted to expand her.

Critical Blast: Were you always a fan of horror and if so who are your biggest influences?

Claire: I’ve always loved horror and at a young age. I saw The Pit and the Pendulum sneaking up late, and I was hooked. Then 80's horror thru my teens. And my main idols are those bad ass girls, like Jamie lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, Linda Hamilton. Also influences from Steven King and great slasher legend movies.

Critical Blast: What's next for Slutty the Clown as a character? Do you have any upcoming plans in the works that you can tease or share?

Claire: At the moment Slutty is making her next sinister plan. I promise she will return. As for the other me, I have new character in talks, Nurse RanciDD! Watch out for her.

Critical Blast: FANTASTIC.... is there anything you would like me to add in the article? Anything you want your fans, or soon to be fans to know?

Claire: I'm so happy I got work with Troma and Lloyd Kaufman and the original ‘Jason’ Ari Lehman. Slutty lives forever! Me and my husband Richard and my creative team are so ready to create so much more blood and carnage and great characters in the future.

Slutty the Clown makes its feature debut this month on Troma Now, Directed by Joe Cash (Carnal Monsters, and the She Dogs of the SS trailer) whose movies and short are available as well on the TROMA NOW app and you can also follow Claire at all of these places to stay on top of everything SLUTTY.

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