How To Start Playing Video Games

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Playing Video Games

We understand that “fifth wheel” feeling that comes when your friends are talking about a new map added to their favorite video games. It's nothing to worry about; your friends weren't born gamers; they started somewhere.

Major concerns that many intending gamers face include what pieces of equipment to purchase and what game or game genre they should dive into. Follow this guide to help you get started with your gaming experience. More so, do well to get Private HWID Spoofer to help you maneuver difficulties in your games without being detected.

How to get started with your video games

Get a game genre

When faced with the situation of choosing what game genre to settle with, you might get stuck for a while. There are several game genres, including first-person shooters, racing, real-time strategy, role-playing, survival, adventure, simulation, etc. Naturally, some of the game genres will interest you better than others.

However, your game genre should be one you feel comfortable playing. Also, you should go for games that help you improve your skillset. For example, if you're a problem solver, you should go for games that require you to solve puzzles. Good examples of games in this genre include Gemcraft and Age of Empires.

If you usually have a busy day at work, your choice of games should help you feel relaxed. In this case, you should go for games like adventure and simulation. They're a good way to calm your nerves after a stressful day.

Also, go for games related to your profession; you should go for first-person shooters if you're military personnel or a sports game if you're a sportsman. Games that require skills that you're gifted at will help boost your confidence, reduce stress, and boost your confidence in your abilities.

Your gaming platform

You can play your video games on your PC or smartphone, and the best bet is that you already have one or both of them. Note that if you’re gaming on your PC, go for gaming-specific laptops. To improve your experience, you should go for a gaming console such as the Nintendo Switch.

Games available on the Nintendo switch are designed to suit players irrespective of their gaming level. Also, we recommend that you go for the regular Switch instead of the Lite switch. This is because the regular switch gives you options to play with friends instead of the Lite Switch, which only allows you to play alone.

The Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will give you an improved experience if you're looking for a more sophisticated console. These consoles provide a bigger game library, and the games contained in them come with the best graphics. However, you might want to stay away from exclusive games like God of War – you'll have a tough time wading through them as a beginner.

Controls and other Things to consider

You might be faced with a debate over what kind of equipment to use in your gaming. Some folks consider going for wireless mice and keyboards. This allows for a smarter-looking gaming space, but wired gear will serve better as it has a quicker response to your movements than its wireless counterparts.

Also, you might be confused about whether to use a mouse and a keyboard instead of a controller. If you're playing FPS games, we recommend you go for a mouse. The mouse allows you to aim quicker and improve accuracy and precision.

However, controllers will allow you to have a more comfortable experience. You can use your controllers from the couch and still be comfortable as it fits perfectly into your palms. When it comes to your choice of controls, both set-ups will serve you well; it's left for you to choose what you'll go with.


There are several crossroads that folks can never dodge when deciding what to do, when, and how to start playing video games. The most important things include a game genre, what platform you use in playing your games, and your controls.

Other things worth considering are things such as your gaming mouse’s DPI, your network connection, the kind of headphones you use, and your sitting arrangement. Importantly, don’t game on a flatscreen TV if you’re on a competitive game.