The Best Types of CBD Edibles

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CBD Edibles

The term CBD edibles describes any CBD product consumed as a food or a drink. Unsurprisingly this broad definition means that there are hundreds of different edible CBD products to choose from.

Products such as CBD gummies, CBD powders, and CBD energy drinks are the most well-known types of CBD edibles. However, there are many fantastic edible CBD products beyond just this shortlist.

Options including CBD protein cookies, CBD dried fruit, and CBD herbal teas are just a few of the fun ways CBD can be consumed as a food or a drink.

The multitude of options available is what many people love about CBD edibles. Having the freedom to choose precisely how CBD will fit into one’s diet means that almost everyone will find a CBD solution to suit their preferences.

However, it can quickly feel overwhelming trying to find the perfect CBD edible because many options exist.

To make the process a little easier, let’s look at some of the best CBD edibles widely available and loved by many CBD users.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies are the most common type of edible. Most CBD gummies are designed to be enjoyed just like regular candy, making them easy to incorporate into almost any diet and lifestyle.

There are hundreds of options to choose from when shopping for CBD gummies. Finding the perfect CBD gummies with fun shapes, fruity flavors, and various strengths is fun and easy.

CBD gummies can be used as a daily supplement, much like other gummy vitamin and mineral supplements. People often like to add one or two gummies into their breakfast routine to ensure they get a small dose of CBD every day.

Alternatively, CBD gummies can be an excellent choice for people who use CBD to treat more serious conditions and find that they require a frequent intake of CBD throughout the day. For instance, people who use CBD to manage anxiety might find that snacking on gummies at various intervals during the day helps to limit the adverse effects of anxiety.

CBD gummies are portable, discreet, and packed with flavor, making them the perfect way to take CBD anytime, whether at home or in a busy social setting.

CBD energy drinks

CBD is often used to help improve energy levels and motivation, so what better way to take the cannabinoid than in the form of an energy drink. The combination of CBD and caffeine may provide the ultimate energy boost making even the most boring tasks seem manageable.

CBD energy drinks are also popular among athletes as a pre-workout supplement. The sudden energy boost provided is perfect for ensuring maximum performance and powering through even the hardest training sessions.

CBD herbal teas

Not all hemp plant strains promote energy and motivation. Some strains do the exact opposite and are used for their calming properties and to improve sleep quality.

Herbal teas are also known to have calming properties and are often consumed in the evening to help encourage a restful night’s sleep. CBD-infused herbal teas combine the benefits of CBD and the calming sensations of tea, providing the ultimate way to rehydrate and relax during the evening.

CBD cookies and baked treats

Products such as CBD protein cookies and CBD brownies are the perfect way to work CBD into a day while also enjoying the delights of a sweet snack.

The nice thing about CBD baked goods is that they are super discreet while still providing the benefits of CBD. Rather than pairing an afternoon tea or coffee with a simple cake, why not try a CBD-packed brownie or high protein cookie that offers the same sweet flavor but in a more healthy form.

While many CBD baked goods are available from popular CBD retailers, making CBD cookies and cakes at home can also be fun. Most baking recipes can be easily adapted to incorporate CBD, so why not have a little fun and create personalized treats that double as a supplement.

CBD soaked dried fruits

Adding dried fruits to breakfast cereals and porridge is a popular way to pack as much fruit as possible into the day. But why not try making breakfast even healthier by using CBD-soaked dried fruit, allowing for an easy way to work supplements and the nutritional power of fruit into breakfast.

CBD dried fruit also makes for a great afternoon snack while helping to avoid the artificial ingredients and high sugar recipes used in most confectionery. As a bonus, dried CBD fruit looks just like regular dried fruit making it super discreet.