Lucifer: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD

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Lucifer Season 5

After spending an eternity in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar makes a tumultuous return to Los Angeles. So why isn't he acting like his charming, mischievous self? Detective Chloe Decker senses there's something different about this handsome devil, but there are mysteries to solve: a nun's untimely demise, a noir detective story from 1946, and why people are randomly breaking into song and dance. Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing, Linda learns the truth about their child, Dan has an oddly invigorating odyssey in Mexico, and Lucifer's father -- aka God -- comes to Earth for an extended visit. The stakes are higher than ever in all 16 fiendishly enticing Season Five episodes!

If you consider yourself a #Lucifan, you'll want to get your hands on this final chapter of the quirky series with the "crime-fighting devil (it makes sense)." Be sure to check out our rules and regulations before proceeding, then take any and all options of the form below to get yourself entered into the giveaway!


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