Twitter Suspends Marketing Account for Marvel Punisher Writer Mike Baron

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Private American Cancelled by Twitter

Veteran comic book writer Mike Baron (Nexus, Punisher, The Flash) is no stranger to pushback when it comes to his creator-owned comics. His earlier graphic novel, Thin Blue Line, which followed police officers navigating a violent protest in their city, had ads on Facebook cancelled, and any mention of the book on Reddit's comic book forums summarily deleted.

Baron's new offering, Private American (currently funding on Indiegogo), is an oblique spin-off from Thin Blue Line, and unsurprisingly is encountering similar marketing speedbumps. The adventure relates the exploits of second-generation Cuban-American Marcos Zamora who has had his fill of the drug cartels and human traffickers crossing the U.S. southern border with impunity, and choosing to take matters into his own hands to help stanch the flow. As with many entertainment media products, a Twitter account was established, @PVTAmerican, which promoted the campaign and pushed out updates related to it.



On October 12, 2022, Twitter placed the account in suspension, providing (as is often the fashion) no written or verbal information as to why the suspension was enacted other than the usual boilerplate that suspensions are given for violating the company's Terms of Service.

As of this writing the account is still in a suspended status. An appeal has been filed by publisher Chris Braly.

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