What are the Best Sex Shows to Watch?

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If you like to watch series, why not expand your range of favorite programs by introducing you to more or less naughty soap operas? Here are some of the best series containing sex for you to check out.

Series to start well

We will start with series that we can consider as soft, without however hiding the main thing. Put away Tony Bet, your favorite website for sports bettings, and have fun otherwise.

Do you already know Game of Thrones? If so, you already know that some scenes are worthy of being on the list of best TV sex scenes. Even if the central subject is not sex, the directors do not forget this aspect and we can observe many very hot scenes of all kinds (from rape to incest). The series is violent and is just as violent in the area of ​​sex. And if you are asked which series you prefer, you will always have the benefit of the doubt by answering GoT. Because there is a very rich plot.

A bit of history now. With Spartacus, it is a return to the past of several centuries that awaits you. For three seasons, you will immerse yourself in a violent but also ultra-sensual and sexual universe. Many scenes that could be classified X are presented there. Some have simply considered this series to be pornographic. Your turn to judge!

A French series may also be part of your choices: X women. These are several short films together that allow you to discover a whole bunch of naughty practices without taboos. In two seasons, the series shows everything. You will surely be able to find what interests you the most.

More daring series

Among the best choices to make, Banshee remains an unbeatable series in the field. The story is simple. We follow the daily life of a man who finds his wife after 15 years in prison. You can imagine that he will not stay in front of the TV (unlike you!) and that the sex scenes will multiply. We could even sometimes forget that it is not strictly speaking a series. We take full view, and we have fun discovering new practices, each more naughty than the other. Four seasons of pleasure not to be missed!

The title hides nothing. Masters of Sex is a series that explores the universe of two expert researchers in sexual behavior. We discover lots of practices, we accompany the two protagonists in their “work” both personal and professional. It's fun, educational, and very naughty. The gender is shown uncovered. In short, you will follow a complete and particularly well illustrated course!

Would you like to have the point of view of a sex professional to enrich your knowledge (only!)? The Intimate Diary of a Call Girl will delight you. As you can imagine, with such a title, a few sex scenes are essential. And the team is generous. You will be entitled to superb stripteases and much more. The British series has kept many fans spellbound for 4 years.

Finally, a classic not to be missed: Californication. In 7 seasons, you will go around the sexual exploits of a novelist in search of something new in his life. He did not choose sports or chess but rather sex! Combining passion for sex and discovery of all kinds, the series has captivated even the most reluctant. It's daring but very well done. The hero of The X Files, David Duchovny knew how to totally identify with the character (a little too much according to some). Sex galore! But also, very interesting reflections on all aspects of this field.