Adult Swim Saves Superman Series

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The first teaser trailer to the new animated series: MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN is here!


When HBOMax announced they would no longer be carrying the animated adventure, fans were frustrated as it was just another blemish on DC’s continued problems with their heroes in media. However Adult Swim swooped in to save the day and we have a teaser!


The teaser is faster than a speeding bullet, however, so you’ll need to replay it a few times to get a really good feel for it. It’s chock full of action and introduces Superman (Jack Quaid), Lois Lane (Alice Lee), and Jimmy Olsen (Ishmael Sahid), as well as a villain attacking Supes. The animation looks clean, crisp, and appropriate for the genre. They didn’t attempt to dumb it down for kids and since it was originally to air on HBOMax and now Adult Swim, older fans can hold onto hope of getting a mature series to watch.


***Warning: Controversial Commentary Ahead****

Not without controversy, internet trolls complained when they first saw Jimmie Olsen is portrayed as a black man in the series. Don't let the hive mind control your opinions though, the internet allows people to say what they want to a larger audience. I wonder if they complained about Pete Ross being black in SMALLVILLE or Perry White being black in MAN OF STEEL, although when James Olsen was black in the CW's SUPERGIRL there was some outcry. While there is a push for diversity in media, none of this feels forced, like in some cases. Ultimately, whether you are on the fence about race swapping beloved character's or have a strong opinion about it, you should judge the show by the content of its character's.

***We now return you to unproblematic commentary***


While I’m sure there will be humor injected into the dialogue, there should be action and violence fitting for an adult audience. Up to this point we've only been given a few screenshots so, even though the teaser is quick, it hits more powerful than a locomotive. Take a look at the trailer (several times) and let us know what you think!