Fleischer Shorts Get Super Cleanup for Blu-Ray Release

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Fleischer Superman 1941-1943

Anyone wanting to see the masterful Max Fleischer studios treatment of Superman has, for years, been able to get a cheap copy, due to the shorts having fallen into the public domain. So why would you want to pick up yet another copy just because it's on Blu-ray?

Because the transfers are infinitely better, cleaner, and brighter. Not only have all the pops, pits, potholes and scratches been cleaned up so that the animation is pristine, but the scans of the master prints take in even more of the artwork.

We tested the new Blu-ray side-by-side with previous releases of the shorts. As an example, the short "Volcano" had an ever-present pit during the opening scenes; this has been removed. Additionally, what we didn't expect to see was more artwork that had been cut off from all four sides in previous releases. So you're quite literally getting more for your money with this purchase.

For those who have never seen the Fleischer Superman shorts, you're in for a treat. The animation achievements pioneered by this studio through the process of rotoscoping -- which Max Fleischer invented -- created a 2D animation fluidity that is rarely matched even today. 

If you're a fan of Superman, of comic books, of classic animation or all of the above, then you will want to get up -- up, and away -- to get yourself a copy of these cartoon masterpieces.

5.0 / 5.0