Fangs and Foul Play: We All Exist to Serve the Cat

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Fangs and Foul Play

Imagine Renfield is a deserting soldier and Dracula is... a disarming black cat that everyone adores.

That's the premise behind L.K. Ingino's series Fangs and Foul Play. When military deserter Richard Bluth stumbles upon a deserted house to hide out in for the night, he discovers the sole occupant of the house is a cat -- a talking, vampire cat. During Richard's sleep, Fang does what vampires do -- and turns Richard into his unwilling thrall whose new purpose is to find food for his new meowing master. Only it's not tuna that satisfies this one's hunger -- it's people!

Fortunately, the nearby village has a plethora of candidates who deserve a good exsanguination. Unfortunately, the one Fang has his little reflective eyes set on is Delilah Dansforth, who has become the object of Richard's affections.

The town is suspicious. The graveyard is getting full too quickly. And the army has come looking for Richard. And that's only the first two issues.

Fangs and Foul Play was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. But now you can pick up your copy at the Headless Gnomes website.

4.0 / 5.0