Anticipation Worth the Wait: Carly Simon's "These are the Good Old Days" on Vinyl

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Carly Simon, "These Are The Good Old Days"

This double-album set is from Rhino Records, sequenced and curated by Elektra Founder Jac Holzman with Ted Olson. “These are the Good Old Days” is a selection of songs that mostly cover the music from Simon’s first 3 albums: “Carly Simon”, “Anticipation”, and “No Secrets”, along with an outtake of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery” and a previously unreleased demo of “Alone.” The set covers the unique partnership between Carly and Jac, who signed her (along with many famous others) to Elektra and became a lifelong friend whom Carly credits for her becoming a performer.

Carly Simon, to me growing up, was the double whammy. Not only was she one of the most beautiful women I’d had ever seen, but she also possessed one of the most beautiful voices I’d ever heard. And while the vinyl discs within conveyed the one, her album covers were always the stuff dreams were made of.



After just one listen through, it was obvious that this set was put together with a lot of thought and feeling; from the first song “Anticipation” to the last Song “You’re So Vain,” each song seems perfectly set into place and wonderfully mastered.

My first thoughts were how crisp and clear and alive Carly’s voice sounded--as good as her original albums sound (of which I have all three on which this set is based). The songs sound much better to me on this set, well balanced and organic.

On “It Was So Easy”, not since Karen Carpenter from The Carpenters “The Singles 1969-1973” album, have I heard a voice reproduced so spot on and alive in front of me! Bass notes were deep and tight, but not bloated or exaggerated; highs neither too bright nor shrilly; perfectly balanced sound.

Song after song just drew me into the performances. On “I’ve Got To Have You” the drums/cymbals with guitar were so crisp, and blended together perfectly. I love it when all the instruments can be heard playing together without sacrificing the soundstage. The quietness of the recording made the echo sound enthralling and cavernous. This was also exemplified on “The Loves Still Growing,” a veritable expansive wall of music before me, extending beyond the boundaries of my speakers.

Carly is one of the truly great voices and songwriters from the second generation of Classic Rock, and this album beautifully lets that talent shine through.

This album is what I would deem a reference album, one of a few that I will definitely use to evaluate different system components when wanting to know how well they make music and, most specifically, the female voice. It is also an album that I will be listening to often, for sheer enjoyment. It’s so great to be able to listen to music today that I listened to decades ago, and find it sounds even better and more involving now than ever. The memories the songs conjure up, of course, can never be captured in the grooves, but along with what is and what is in my mind, I envision a lot of wonderful listening sessions--and I suppose it will do the same for you.

If you’ve not had a chance to hear these songs before on vinyl, here is a wonderful opportunity to hear for yourselves what I’ve been on about.

I have been a fan of Rhino and the albums they have put out for many years, and they have done a great thing with this one. I hope they continue to put more releases as good as this one out in the future.

Highly recommended.





Side 1

1. Anticipation

2. It Was So Easy

3. Alone (Demo)*

4. The Best Thing

5. Dan, My Fling


Side 2

1. I’ve Got to Have You

2. The Love’s Still Growing

3. Summer’s Coming Around Again

4. Our First Day Together

5. Embrace Me, You Child


Side 3

1. Legend in Your own Time

2. That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be

3. The Carter Family

4. Angel From Montgomery

5. Julie Through the Glass


Side 4

1. His Friends Are More Fond Of Robin

2. Reunions

3. The Right Thing to Do

4. We Have No Secrets

5. You’re So Vain


*Previously Unissued